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The bags Environmentally

The new biodegradable BIOSAC bags are produced in biodegradable compostable material and are used for the separate collection of the organic fraction.

It is a new generation of bio-bags derived from renewable natural materials designed in the logic of low environmental impact retain the characteristics of the other bags in the use, but they are completely biodegradable within a maximum period equal to a composting cycle.

The BIO compostable granulated  

The raw material used is made from natural components (corn starch and derivatives of vegetable oils) and synthetic biodegradable polyesters. 

The material is certified as biodegradable and compostable according to the European standard EN 13432, according to the national standards DIN 54900 and UNI 10785. 

The products BIOSAC are also suitable for food contact according to EN 92-128 and do not contain hazardous substances within the meaning of Council Directive 67/548/EEC, as amended by Commission Directive 97/69/EC, as amended.

  • Compostable biodegradable
  • 20 micron
  • 10 micron
  • 15 micron
  • 40 micron
  • 30 micron
  • 50 micron
  • 3.000 pz
  • 2.000 pz
  • 5.000 pz
  • 1.000 pz
  • 10.000 pz
  • 20.000 pz
  • 30.000 pz
  • 40.000 pz
  • 50.000 pz
  • 100.000 pz
  • 150.000 pz
  • Other
  • Nessuna maniglia
  • cm 32x44
  • cm 50x60
  • cm 70x110
  • cm 90x110
  • cm 95x120
  • cm 70x70
  • cm 70x80
  • Other
  • cm 42x45
  • Transparent
  • Saten transparent
Custom printing
  • 1 side 1 color
  • No closure
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