We operate exclusively in the production of plastic film and plastic bags mostly for commercial use.
In this field, we definitely leadership and number among the protagonists of retail customers as well as numerous brands of food and non-food.

Being the market leader always encourages us to develop a more balanced solution for the customer by providing the right product with the right quality, price and reliability, established in the pre-and post-sales.
ELLE EMME has always been sensitive to environmental protection, safety of its workers and the quality of products and services; The application of certification rules motivates us every day to improve.
A great product for us is also the result of collaboration with suppliers as well as strict processing procedures.

The large-scale production, the company's expertise in the industry and a strong ecological awareness environmentally friendly, always present in our values​​, have led us towards the search for innovative materials, "clean"; that's why we now offer the future.

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